Advance Web Email Extractor Professional

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional 6.4

Extract unlimited e-mail addresses from a list of websites or from keywords (See all)

Extracting e-mail addresses from websites is a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with an unlimited number of sites that organize their pages in multiple levels. Advance Web Email Extractor Professional performs that ungrateful task for you in seconds – all you have to do is tell the program which pages you want it to scan or which pages to look for based on a set of keywords of your choice. The resulting list of e-mail addresses can be then exported as a TXT or CSV file (with or without the URL it was harvested from) for further processing.

This efficient and hard-working tool can scan hundreds of pages in just a few minutes, regardless of how deep in the site structure those contact e-mail addresses are. You can define the number of levels the program will dig for you, and even allow it to follow any external links in search for more addresses. You can search one site or a list of sites simultaneously just by adding an unlimited number of URLs to the scan list. You will see the results panel fill in with new e-mails in seconds, telling you how many times the same address appears on the site and in which pages exactly.

You can perform a similar search using keywords instead of URLs, which is very useful when you don’t where to start or whenever you wish to cover a wider range of possibilities. In this case, the program will use common and popular online search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. You can tell the program to use them all or only one or two of them. This is the full list of search engines available in the trial version of the program, though their developers claim to work also with Excite, Lycos, etc.

In order to speed up the harvesting process and to end up with the cleanest list of e-mail addresses possible, the program provides you with various filtering options. You can have duplicates listed or not, and you can leave out address containing certain characters or words and reject all those that don’t contain a specific string or character, for instance. Besides, the Advanced Settings tab in the Settings dialog offers you some extra options to skip or include URLs and e-mail addresses depending on which characters or extensions are part of their name.

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional is an efficient e-mail harvester, and that efficiency comes at a cost. It is not an inexpensive tool, but the results may well be worth the price. If you happen to use a program like this with a certain frequency you may even not find it expensive at all given the high quality of the results it delivers. Download the trial version and see it for yourself.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Quick scan process
  • Updates your search engines for more accurate results
  • Saves e-mail addresses to CSV or TXT files
  • Includes website filtering options


  • Pricey license fee
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